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Our courses make learning the law easy. Experienced lawyers teach you how to solve your legal issue, and all courses include downloads that you can use in your own case.

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You get accurate information about the law directly from licensed attorneys experienced in the topics they teach. The site is owned by lawyers, and all the courses here are designed, created, and taught by lawyers with at least five years experience in their fields.

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Courses are easy to understand by anyone who needs to resolve a legal issue. You do not need to be a lawyer to enroll in any of our courses. In fact, we encourage the lawyers who teach our courses to design them with the public in mind.

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We offer a wide-range of legal courses to help you solve your legal problem. We want to help you learn the law, whether you are an attorney looking to learn a new practice area, or consumer who wants to win their own case.

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All courses include downloadable content that you can use directly in your case. We give you the resources you need to succeed, and experienced lawyers to walk you through the process.

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Lawyers who teach with us gain public recognition for their skills and experience. Teaching also helps the public, boosts client development, and generates more income.