Included in this Course

This complete foreclosure defense course gives you the information you need to successfully defend foreclosure. It covers the broad background of the process, specific tools you will need to use in court, and video lessons on defenses available in every US state.

  • How the Process Works and What You can Expect at Each Stage.

  • How to Answer a Foreclosure Lawsuit, or File For Your Own Injunction.

  • Templates You can Use Directly in Court, including Pleadings and Discovery.

  • Lots of Practice Advice from Your Instructor, Who Has Defended Foreclosure Over a Decade.

The Bank Isn't Going to Wait on You.

You Need to Act Quickly to Avoid Foreclosure.

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Designed for the Outcome You Want.

Get the Knowledge and Confidence You Need to Beat the Bank. This Foreclosure Defense Course shows Homeowners how to Gain Leverage when Facing Foreclosure. The Courseis for Homeowners Who Want to:

  • Answer the Foreclosure and Avoid Immediately Losing Your Home to an Immediate Default Judgment.

  • ​Save the family home from foreclosure by getting a deal the lender previously refused.

  • Stay in the house longer, allowing kids to finish the school year.

  • Get a loan modification with affordable terms and a lower interest rate, or walking without facing a deficiency judgment.

  • ​Save tons of money over hiring an attorney at $1,000 or more per month.

Meet Your Instructor

Attorney Troy Doucet

Troy Doucet

Attorney at Law

Troy Doucet has litigated hundreds of cases and dozens of appeals in his career, with several notable decisions that shape consumer law for the benefit of people at the Sixth Circuit federal appellate court. He is licensed to practice law in Ohio and Florida, and in several federal courts that include the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Troy maintains top ratings in Ohio from most of the companies that keep track of that sort of thing. He is rated AV Preeminent Rating from Martindale Hubble, and was named a Top 100 High Stakes Litigator for Ohio in 2019. He is a “SuperLawyer” in the area of debtor/creditor law, a designation only the top 5% of lawyers achieve. He obtained that designation the first year he was eligible, after being rated a SuperLawyer Rising Star for six years. He was awarded SuperLawyer’s national Pro Bono award in 2014 when his firm hired a dedicated pro bono lawyer to help the poor. Troy remains dedicated to helping people, and his coursework here is an extension of that dedication.

What Troy's Clients Have Said

Learn Foreclosure Defense from an Experienced and Trusted Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

“Troy is a powerhouse player in the trend of banks falsely foreclosing on homeowners and Columbus is LUCKY to have him here. ”

Julie G.

“Troy Doucet is one of the most gifted attorneys that we have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He treated us with kindness and generosity. We were most impressed with his integrity and high sense of duty to us.”

Shannon T.

“Hello and want to take the opportunity to thank this law firm for treating us like family. If you are looking for professional representation, kindness and understanding, look no further!”

Mark J.

“The attorneys at Doucet are very knowledgeable about foreclosures and dealing with banks. Troy was able to help us even after two other attorneys failed.”

Jackie G.

“roy is a great attorney. Extremely intelligent and maximum effort driven”

Kelly M.

Detailed Course Curriculum

You Learn Foreclosure Defense From Start to Finish

  • 1

    Planning Your Winning Strategy (1:35)

    • Welcome!

    • Learning Objectives (7:47)

    • Setting Your Objectives (22:00)

    • Know the Players and the Game (22:00)

    • Think Like a Lawyer (and Judge!) (28:37)

    • Winning a Free House (16:02)

  • 2

    Key Foreclosure Basics You Must Know (00:16)

    • The 3 Key Documents (11:52)

    • The Source of Foreclosure Defenses (5:37)

  • 3

    The First Steps to Beating the Bank in Litigation (00:50)

    • Overview (14:06)

    • Litigation Timeline (9:47)

    • What to expect at status conferences and hearings (17:13)

    • Types of documents filed in court and what they do (10:19)

  • 4

    Learning the Rules of the Game (04:15)

    • Civil Rules for Pleadings (1:01:27)

    • Civil Rules for Discovery (1:10:18)

    • Civil Rules for Motions and Magistrates (50:03)

    • Federal Rule 26(f) Proposed Scheduling Order (38:22)

    • Rules of Evidence for Motions & Hearings (36:12)

  • 5

    How to Draft Your Foreclosure Answer (or New Lawsuit) (02:42)

    • How to Draft a New Lawsuit (28:29)

    • How to Draft a Foreclosure Answer (1 hour, 3 min)

    • The Answer

    • Example Foreclosure Lawsuit by a Lender (45:05)

    • How to Fight Foreclosure in Court in a Non-Judicial Sale State (26:13)

  • 6

    Discovery Drafting and Responses (3:00:13)

    • Discovery Drafting (1:06:17)

    • Responding to Discovery (55:17)

    • Drafting and Serving a Subpoena (23:30)

    • How to Evaluate their Discovery Responses & Your Deficiency Letter (35:09)

  • 7

    How to Ask the Judge to Rule in Your Favor (2:32:24)

    • 15 Types of Motions You Can File in Court (1:07:58)

    • How to Draft a Winning Motion! (1:02:57)

    • Draft Like Lawyers - IRAC! (21:29)

    • Post-Judgment Options (Appeal vs. 60B Motion)

  • 8

    Well-Tested Foreclosure Defenses (06:00)

    • Standing (19:49)

    • Attacking the Note's Enforceability (48:15)

    • Attacking the Mortgage Transfers (7:03)

    • How to Challenge MERS® Assignments (38:35)

    • Insufficiency of Service of Process (11:25)

    • Failure to State a Claim Upon Which Relief can be Granted (Civ. R. 12(b)(6)) (13:28)

    • Statute of Limitations Expired (16:13)

    • Conditions Precedent: FHA/VA Loans (12:16)

    • Conditions Precedent: Mortgage Paragraph 22 (13:56)

    • Unclean Hands (12:53)

    • Failure to Mitigate Damages (15:23)

    • Paid Mortgage Insurance as a Defense (10:47)

    • RESPA 120-Day Rule (44:41)

    • RESPA Dual Tracking Rule (33:30)

    • Prior Material Breach/ Breach of Contract (11:59)

    • TILA Rescission for Notice Errors (21:45)

    • Securitization Issues in Foreclosure Actions (22:36)

    • HOA and Tax Foreclosures (8:45)

    • Download of Dozens of Foreclosure Defenses with Written Explanations

  • 9

    Bonus Lessons!

    • Troy's Secret Formula for Developing a Winning Case Theme

    • 101 Credit Report Fixes eBook

    • An Interview with a Judge about Foreclosure Defense!

    • How to Value Your Foreclosure Case’s Settlement Value

    • Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers

Lessons Designed With You in Mind

Easy to Understand for All of the Following:

  • Homeowners fighting foreclosure without a lawyer. 
  • Homeowners living in an area where there are not knowledgeable attorneys to help.
  • People who want to understand the foreclosure process on a deeper level. 
  • People who want years of trial-and-error experience boiled down into an easy-to-understand course. 
  • Homeowners who don’t want to go down without a fight.
  • Plus, Attorneys who want to start helping people facing foreclosure but don't know where to start. 

Bonus Material

This course includes some amazing bonus material that you won't want to miss! They include the following:

  • A Foreclosure Interview with a Judge!

    $697 value

    Troy chats for nearly an hour with a sitting judge in this video about foreclosure defense, mistakes new lawyers and pro se litigants make, and how to maximize success when faced with a challenging judge! This is an incredible interview that every foreclosure practitioner needs to hear. A judge's perspective is ultimately what matters, so understanding his (or her) thought process is invaluable!

  • 8 Weeks of Free Conference Calls!

    $990 value

    We hold regular calls for our students each month to discuss all aspects of litigation and foreclosure defense. You have the ability to submit topics and areas that you would like us to teach about, and that we plan the calls around. This is a monthly paid service offered to anyone who wants a deeper dive into the process, free for you for two months!

  • How to Estimate Your Case's Settlement Value

    $497 value

    How Much is Your Case Worth? Troy explains the levels of settlement based on the type of case and the claims or defense brought within it. This is incredibly helpful information so that you can better gauge the value of your case when you head into settlement. Is your case worth a free house? Find out!

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