Self-Guided Plan

With this plan, you create and upload your content on your own. We provide some back-end support by creating the infrastructure you need to build your course. Click here to begin your course journey!

Get Paid to Teach

You will be investing time, money, and energy into your course, and you should get paid each time someone buys it. We provide a generous payment structure for you. (See Terms for details.)

  • 100% paid to you on your sale of your course.

  • + 20% paid to you on all other sales of your course.

  • + 20% paid on all referrals (unique link provided).

Self-Guided Plan Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to eLearning.Law, Professor!

  • 2

    Plan Your Course

    • Short Course Outline - Template

  • 3

    Course Tools

    • How Students will Progress Through Your Course

    • Uploadable Assignments

    • Add a Survey to Your Course

    • Test Your Students Learning

  • 4

    Record Your Course

    • Scripting or Outlining Your Videos

    • Shooting Your Video on a Webcam

  • 5

    Price Your Course

    • Setting Your Course Price

  • 6

    Market Your Course

    • Your Commission Codes

    • Before you go...